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'Be on standby for online classes' New Straits Times

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

As reported in the New Straits Times epidemiologist Dr. Malina Osman suggests that the Ministry of Education and schools should be ready to resume virtual classes if Covid-19 cases continue to rise. Dr. Malina Osman said new cases have been recorded every day for the past few days and tomorrow's numbers will be an indicator of the direction Malaysia should choose. She said that while a return to virtual learning can be a bitter pill, it is crucial to understand that, to a lesser extent, adolescents are now the main carriers of the disease as they face contact with each other at school.

At Ardence International Secondary school, we are ready to educate your child both virtually (online) & physically. We have a Special Offer called the Fast Track Year (2022) which will see your child attain the quickest track to the International School’s Cambridge IGCSE syllabus. The Ardence International Secondary School Fast Track Year is an intensive and engaging programme that provides students from a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds the fastest route to Cambridge IGCSE. Through an interactive, fun and subject-based approach, students will be able to seamlessly adapt, cope and assimilate to new learning environments and courses. After completing the Fast Track school year, students can confidently progress to the next year at Ardence International Secondary School. Check out the details, timetable & price at

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