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co-curricular activities 

Ardence International Secondary School firmly believes that a child’s education should be well-balanced intellectually; physically and morally. Co-curricular activities play an integral part in ensuring an all-rounded holistic education for all students. We provide a wide range of activities to ensure that every student is given the opportunity to experience and discover for themselves their talents, be it academic, artistic, musical, dramatic, sports, or any combination of these. It is compulsory for students to participate in out-of-classroom activities.

Ardence international

Sports Activities 

Football, basketball, volleyball, netball, dodgeball & badminton.

Ardence international

Society & Club Activities

Dance, drama, art & craft, board games, photography, young entrepreneurship, music, and scout.

Our Activities (CCA)

Ardence International Secondary School's co-curricular activities in international schools philosophy are based on the firm belief that all students can achieve success by developing the whole person. Each aspect of our co-curricular activities in international schools are formed on the four pillars of holistic development, carefully designed to nurture each child's full potential. Our program exposes our students to intellectual, physical, moral, and social development. At Ardence International Secondary School, we also believe that studying without some fun can be mundane. Hence, we’ve curated comprehensive programs for students to pursue new interests while learning valuable life skills such as task management, collaboration, and a growth mindset.

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