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Learning At Ardence

It only takes a spark to pique the interest of curious minds. Therefore, our school encourages positive social, physical, and emotional development, artistic expression, and creativity. Selecting the right international school in KL for your child is one of the most major decisions you will ever make, and with our qualified teachers and modern teaching methods, we provide advantageous educational advantages. We want to help students prepare for their learning journey at our international high school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Diverse Learning Environment

Our international school in KL is a close-knit community school where each family's distinct characteristics drive personalized attention. Academics brought us together, and our unique family values bind us together. Through our work with communities in need, we all work together to promote cultural awareness, diversity, environmental awareness, support services, and volunteer initiatives. At Ardence International Secondary School, we  foster 21st-century skills by encouraging imagination, curiosity, and critical thinking. We motivate children to try new things and explore their surroundings. We provide quality schooling in a caring and supportive atmosphere for your child's academic advancement and overall personality development. 

International school in kl

Why Choose Us

When you enroll your child at Ardence, we ensure that they can demonstrate not only the necessary knowledge and skills. They are, however, encouraged to reflect on their learning. Our students are evaluated using authentic tasks developed in-house by our experienced teachers as part of a series of essential life skills in our dynamic, ever-changing world.

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