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Why choose Ardence International Secondary School?

Ardence International Secondary School reimagines education by empowering students to articulate a realistic vision for themselves. By encouraging each student to reach their full potential, we strive to create a streamlined pathway for lifelong learning. We strive to develop each learner's full potential continuously by providing a world-class learning environment. We accomplish this by providing impactful learning for our students, cultivating solid partnerships with families and the larger community, and investing in the ongoing professional development of our world-class educators through our extensive professional education program. Our students benefit from a diverse experience because it prepares them to be changemakers in their chosen fields.

Our holistic and quality approach to education ensures that our students are well-equipped to face the challenges of our global educational and workplace challenges.


Ardence International Secondary School

Lower Secondary

Designed specifically to create a seamless learning journey from Primary to upper Secondary.

Ardence International Secondary School

Upper Secondary

IGCSE is designed to challenge learners to think independently and apply knowledge into the real world. 

Ardence International Secondary School

Youth Development Program

Providing a stage to foster creativity and self-expression.


We view learning as a personal and lifelong pursuit of social, emotional, and intellectual development at Ardence International Secondary School. Every learner is endowed with limitless potential. Our role as educators must be to awaken various forms of intelligence and arouse inquisitiveness about everything in the natural and abstract worlds. We are committed to the holistic development of our students. Rich and authentic student learning are used to cultivating innate talents, provide opportunities to explore interests and passions inside and outside the classroom, and achieve excellence while maintaining a spirit of respect, integrity, and well-being.


Awards and Recognition

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