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Choosing Science Stream in Year 10

Updated: Nov 7, 2022


Year 10 Science

Choosing the "Science Stream" in Year 10 (Upper Secondary) is often the first step on the path toward a career in the science field. However, many are wary at the juncture as Science is by means no easy subject to master. In Ardence International Secondary School, we understand the importance of setting a good foundation in these early years of science education, introducing complex yet interesting scientific concepts in fun and approachable ways.

With our team of experienced science field education elites, our students will build a strong science foundation, prompted with curiosity and enthusiasm for the subject, and be prepared for the Cambridge IGCSE examinations.

Choosing a career stream is one of the most path-breaking moments of an individual’s life. It defines the future course of their professional and personal journey and is a stepping stone to the millions of dreams they have harboured. Career options for science students are abundant.

The study of the three streams of science, namely physics, chemistry, and biology opens up a whole new world of opportunities ranging from the study of space and nuclear particles to the study of the sand and soil.

Here are the top 10 best career options for science students in 2022 (

  • 1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • 2. Data Science

  • 3. Business Analytics

  • 4. Blockchain Developer

  • 5. Software Designing

  • 6. Spacetech

  • 7. Geology

  • 8. Forensic pathologist

  • 9. Technical writer

  • 10. Astrophysicist


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