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Ardence International Secondary School


To be an ardent leader in education for generations of scholars preparing them for the modern challenges of the global arena.

Ardence International Secondary School


To groom learners into becoming career-ready and proficient members of society.

Ardence International Secondary School

It is our duty to provide a multicultural educational environment for our students in which they achieve academic success, personal growth, and become socially responsible and active global citizens with an appreciation of life-long learning.



At Ardence International Secondary School student enjoys the best parts of school life. Experiential learning comes by way of friendship across different nationalities and cultures through shared activities and interests. From athletic and artistic pursuits to cutting edge robotics, we ensure that learning is of a collaborative and fun filled nature, with an acutely specific personal development pathway for every child. Parents are also encouraged to participate in the spirit of comradeship, and to contribute to the community.


All our students can make outstanding progress through the latest technology, teaching methods and personalised learning.  Located at the heart of Setia Eco Ardence (Setia Alam), we are enriched by its history, diversity and culture which provides many opportunities for the development of English Language proficiency through presentations, collaborative research and field work, all of which enhance the self-esteem and confidence levels of students to enable them to thrive amid a positive environment.

Ardence International Secondary School
  • Parents and teachers are a top priority. They are responsible for their children's basic needs and values.

  • Schools provide a safe, positive, organized setting with clearly defined educational and moral expectations.

  • Effective character education supports the academic program.

  • Knowledge and application of current innovative practices prepare students for future challenges.

  • A safe school climate and practical oriented content is highly challenging and expedites accelerated learning takes place.


At Ardenece, as an International School in Shah Alam, we as a community believe we can grow and learn together. We as an international school in Setia Alam, continuously strive to develop each learner's full potential by providing a world-class learning environment. We accomplish this by delivering impactful learning for our students, cultivating solid partnerships with families and the larger community, and investing in the ongoing professional development of our world-class teachers through our extensive professional learning program. Our innovative approach to learning sparks our students' curiosity, interests, and passions. A diverse experience for our students ensures that they are well-prepared to be changemakers in their chosen fields. Our employees at our international school in Setia Alam are deeply committed to their own ongoing professional development, frequently developing their practice with data and research. Our teachers use a half-day dedicated to professional development each week to explore pedagogy, plan to implement new ideas, collaborate, and reflect on their practice. Our  International School in Shah Alam curriculum is built on the solid foundation of our distinct learning culture.

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